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            Beijing FJTD Freight Forwarder Co., Ltd was established in January 2008 and it’s headquarter is located in the Chinese capital city of Beijing.
            We devote ourselves to provide the most dependable and efficient custom-made freight forward services and logistics solutions to our valued customers.
            A fully-managed cargo management system is used to manage our air, sea, and road transport based integrated logistics operations.
            As a first-level worldwide forwarder, FJTD directly contracted with many major airlines such as UA, UC, LV, LH, HU, MS, UO, PR, J2, S7, SU, U6, MK which ensures very favorable & competitive both space and rates for all your import and export goods. This is very helpful to expand your business between overseas and China by our global networks, best rates and professional services.
            We operate a full range of international freight and logistics services as bellow:
            (1)all kinds of Freight Brokerage.
            (2)Import and Export Custom Clearance.
            (3)Freight Forwarding (Sea and Air), EXW Pick Up and Door Delivery.
            (4)Inland Trucking and Transportation.
            (5)Warehousing(Storage agent).
            (6)Consolidation Services.
            (7)Freight and Logistics Documentation.
            All the above services are confirmed to international standards and are provided at very economical costs to both our partners and customers.
            Through continual investment in IT combined with sophisticated management techniques and our team of highly trained staff, we are able to meet the most stringent service standards in the world. Any inquiry from you will be highly appreciated and quickly responded to within 12 hours. Thanks.

            Please feel free to contact Jerry,E-mail:sales@fjtd-logistics.com

            Scan the below WeChat for more:

              please feel free to contact us.

              24-hour global service line86-18194013381complaints:86-18194013381E-mail:sales@fjtd-logistics.com
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