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            Ro-ro business

            Provide detailed listing vehicle size and limit ro-ro receiving tell customers, which are regulated by load limit is based on the actual shipping, ship can be roughly divided into two categories, as follows:

            Since the dynamic < 100 tons Unpowered < 70 tons

            (need according to the actual ship with tail jump on the bearing capacity)

            Chassis < > 20 cm length 23 meters high body body high < < 6.5 meters wide, 5.5 meters

            (need according to the actual ship hatch size and decide)

            Since the dynamic < 75 tons Unpowered < 65 tons

            (need according to the actual ship with tail jump on the bearing capacity) chassis high >

            18 meters wide body < < 20 cm length 5.5 meters high body < 5 m

            (need according to the actual ship hatch size and decide)

            Booking fee

            Sea freight: according to customer's car high divided into two categories, high class and low class. High and low class and also according to the actual ship respectively, basic according to 2 meters for line 1, around the size need to confirm with owner. Compared with the high class rate, low class rate basic will nearly $10 or so cheap.

            Dock dues

            Under the fare: in the trailer, collection if there is no automatic from, unable to open the trailer, the extra fare.

            Trucking fee: when loading, such as the vehicle does not have driving condition, to be dragged into the cabin, trucking fee to be charged. If there is no any can carry on the power into the cabin. Note: rent the horse is need to pay fees, and horse is required to pay for lifting and binding reinforcement separately. Ma Feike significant equipment, but does not advocate, because use horse is need to pay a rent.

            1) save fuel vehicles - remaining oil can be run normally after arrived in terminal 50 km will not stop for lack of oil, and ensure the vehicle up and down the slope to normal oil supply. Prior to the northern winter cold weather, diesel factory - 20 or - more than 30 diesel, lest the diesel vehicle cannot be started after analysis in low temperature wax block oil. Ensure won't because of the problem of fuel loading and unloading process shutdown;

            2) make sure the vehicle is in good condition, can run normally, and ensure the vehicle brake is reliable, the battery can be normal starting vehicles;

            3) ensure that the vehicle's appearance condition when submitted to terminal/vessel must keep in good condition; And make sure the vehicle appearance is clean. After vehicle product to Hong Kong, please put the rearview mirror to dismantle the cab or folded, vehicle outside to do a good job of protection, playing two to three degrees of protective wax in appearance, for easy to rust parts such as chassis all the fittings are coated with antirust wax with anti-corrosion;

            4) to ensure the smooth shipment, the vehicle before each shipment/shipment should be in the process of maintenance personnel on the scene to give necessary guidance and assistance to wharf, such as vehicle defects, timely rectification, for the car itself defects and failed to plan the shipment of vehicles, we shall not be held responsible;

            5) offer dynamic must be accurate and timely collection, collection on time as far as possible,

            6) the front windscreen of vehicle in the right place according to the attachment format stick good marks, every car and spare parts all need to stick the shipping mark;

            (7), please notify the goods accurately size refers to the vehicle including its annex the largest length, the width and the height of car body outer size) to facilitate loading, and please inform your department contact ground field personnel agency, dozen feet when a third party the company will be with your field personnel to carry out the vehicle size, if the measure size is greater than the size quoted, freight collecting will is based on the amount of data by the scene. Caused by customer misstatement or deliberately understating the size of the size increases, the left goods and produce the loss, such as additional cost will be responsible for by the customer. "Dozen feet time please customers to contact our agent to determine;

            8) the accessory kit must use locks lock, with vehicle key handover clear;

            9) remind: besides the accessory kit can't have any spare parts, both separation, or attached to the body. Unless prior written confirmation of our company. Special requirements, please put forward as soon as possible. Confirm whether you need to license and the inspection certificate in advance. Bill of lading confirmation before, need to provide vehicle information: equipment identification number, vehicle chassis number and engine number, etc.

              please feel free to contact us.

              24-hour global service line86-18194013381complaints:86-18194013381E-mail:sales@fjtd-logistics.com
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