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            Feijie tengda always in line with "customer first, the prestige for this" business purpose, committed to the convention and exhibition center to provide exhibitors from the production enterprise to the pavilion in the booth of the transportation, handling, storage, packaging one-stop logistics services, has been successful for several domestic enterprises outlaws, move-in exhibition logistics service, realize the win-win with exhibitors, the logistics cost and logistics performance of win-win situation.

            Operation process

            Order exhibitor after confirm quotation and shipping companies signed a COA (entrust the transport protocol), determine the partnership obligations. Confirm the exhibition time and documents according to the need of the exhibitors at the scene of the foreign exhibition exhibits in place of the set set of the latest shipment time. Exhibitors will arrange ship the name of exhibits and transport requirements (FCL, LCL) promptly notify the transportation company, and submit the relevant documents.

            Our company will according to the requirements of the exhibitors transport, tank, to the ship company and arrange towing tank to exhibitors factory loading, customs clearance, shipment. Assist the exhibitors in which exhibits transport to destination country import documents. After of the goods at the port of destination, arranging exhibits the import customs clearance. Settlement of the relevant sea freight with shipping agency. The destination terminal and storage, the pavilion, exhibits warehousing tally. According to the requirements of exhibitors exhibits in a timely manner to the booth.

            Matters needing attention

            1. Exhibits outer packaging must be hard, suitable for repeated use, prevent the rain and cut mark center of gravity. Must have strong and suitable for long-distance transportation under used again. Usually exhibits the original packing should be strong enough to return, whatever items purchased or can be used.

            2. According to the relevant provisions of the ministry of commerce of the People's Republic of China, exhibitors use advertising/promotional materials and technical data, including film, slides, directories, and other publications, must accept China's customs supervision personnel check in advance, and get the license.

            3. All packing shall be clearly marked as follows in at least three direction marks: no. Name of the exhibition, exhibitors, the exhibition hall/booth number, package number, serial number/total number), gross/net weight (kg), size (length x width x height/volume), if necessary, indicate the is/on the back; Sign up/down.

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